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WooCommerce integration guide

Get the retraced widgets up and running in your WooCommerce store with this step-by-step tutorial.

WooCommerce is a widespread shop extension of Wordpress. If you have Wordpress for your shop, it is likely that you will use WooCommerce to sell products.


The following must be done so you can actually see something in your WooCommerce store.

  • You have one product P

  • You have one order of that product P

  • Product P has at least one variation with an SKU filled out

  • You have refreshed the badges of product P, so you have at least the supply chain transparency badge


  1. Download and install the retraced WooCommerce Plugin. Either download it manually, or install it directly from your Wordpress backoffice.

  2. After the plugin installation in Wordpress, go to the plugin page.

  3. Fill out and save the company API key. 

Verify Success

Go to your store page of product P. You will see the widget where you have injected the snippet.


Check out our Widget Placement Guide to determine your preferred location for the retraced widgets and shop components!