Why do companies need facility processes?

Facility processes are the basis to define what a company is doing in the supply chain. Focusing on the actual production steps allows our platform to better visualize supply chains and highlight relevant data related to those processes.

What are the implications of Facility Processes?

Using facility processes as the basis to structure our platform means that we always need to know which production steps a company is involved in. Therefore, it is a mandatory field that lays the foundation for all future information that will be stored and managed about the company in the retraced system.  

The advantage of this is that it enables a much more customized sustainability and supply chain management. Based on the facility processes, it is possible to determine exactly which risks need to be taken into account and which adjustments have the greatest potential for a company to become more sustainable.

Example: For a Cut Make Trim, it is more relevant  to pay attention to social challenges, while a Dyeing House might have higher risks and challenges with regards to wastewater, waste management and occupational health and safety.

What Facility Processes do we include in our platform?

To simplify the selection, we clustered related Facility Processes (granular level) into Production Processes (higher level). This should help users to more easily orientate themselves and quickly find the right Facility Process for the company at hand. 

Example: I am creating a company profile for my fabric supplier. For this, I would search for fabric and would find the Production Process "Fabric Processing". Under this Production Process I can now see the related Facility Processes such as "Knitting Mill", "Weaving Mill", "Fabric Dyeing", etc. and am able to select the ones (yes, mulitiple ones) that fit to the company.



In almost every production step, we have included chemical supplier and trader because in our experience they are involved in almost every step in todays global production networks. In the following, we listed all our production and facility processes users are currently able to select: 

  • Raw Material Creation
    • Raw Material Producer
    • Farm
    • Mine

  • Material Recycling
    • Recycling Facility
    • Chemical Supplier recycling 

    • Raw Material Processing
      • Refinery
      • Retting
      • Aluminium Extrusion
      • Ginning Mill
      • Top Making
      • Raw Material Trader
      • Chemical Supplier Raw Material Processing

    • Yarn Processing
      • Combing Mill
      • Spinning Mill
      • Yarn Dyeing
      • Chemical Supplier Yarn Processing
      • Yarn Trader

      • Fabric Processing
        • Weaving Mill
        • Knitting Mill
        • Fabric Dyeing
        • Fabric Finishing
        • Material Calendering
        • Fabric Coating
        • Fabric Printing
        • Chemical Supplier Fabric Processing
        • Fabric Trader

      • Leather Tanning
        • Tannery
        • Wet Blue Tannery
        • Wet White Tannery
        • Crusting Tannery
        • Beamhouse
        • Leather Finishing
        • Leather Chemical Supplier
        • Leather Trader

      • Trims and Components
        • Pocketing Supplier
        • Patch Supplier
        • Sole Supplier
        • Thread Supplier
        • Zipper Supplier
        • Button Supplier
        • Label Supplier
        • Laces Supplier
        • Lining Supplier
        • Rivet Supplier
        • Hangtag Supplier
        • Carelabel Supplier
        • Elastics and Ribbon Supplier
        • Cushion Supplier
        • Filling Supplier
        • Beads Supplier
        • Other trims Supplier
        • Foam Supplier

      • Packaging
        • Packaging Supplier
        • Packaging Material Supplier

      • Manufacturing
        • Pattern Making
        • Assembly
        • Cut Make Trim
        • Sewing
        • Embroiderer
        • Printer
        • Laser Processing
        • Laundry
        • Casting
        • Polishing
        • Garment Finishing
        • Quality Assurance
        • Plating
        • Fully fashioned knitted
        • Garment Chemical Supplier
        • Finished Goods Trader

        • Sourcing & Import
          • Sourcing Agency

        • Warehouse
          • Distributor 
          • Fulfillment Center / Warehouse

        • Retailer
          • Retailer
          • Wholesaler
          • Brand

        • Compliance
          • Auditor

        We know this list might be too short or too long depending on the perspective. It will probably never be complete, esp. when we look at other industries. Therefore, we perceive it as living documentation of supply chains and are looking forward to a vivid discourse of what other facility processes make sense to include. If you have a suggestion for an additional facility process, we welcome you to fill out this form, so we can take it into consideration.

        💡In case, you would like to learn more about our facility processes, feel free to check out our facility processes dictionary.