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Utilise the multi-select button

Make use of the multi-select button to work with multiple items at once, whether it be products, certificates, documents, etc.

When you’d like to work with multiple items at once, you can do so easily with the multi-select button. Here’s a quick rundown on how it can help with different platform features:


  • Activate or deactivate product stories (toggle whether our badges are shown on your webshop or not)
  • Archive products
  • Recalculate product badges based on newly uploaded certificates/documents/audits/claims
  • Set and link to an existing supply chain
  • Set product category (e.g. jeans, shirts, dresses, etc.)
  • Set collection (Fall/Winter, Spring/Summer, whatever you like!)
  • Export products


Archive or download documents.

Certifications and Audits

Archive certifications and audits.


Unlink or remove companies from your network.