Upload certifications within an assessment

You may have been invited by your client to fill-out a supplier assessment that asks for certifications to be handed in? In this article, you will learn how to upload certifications within an assessment step-by-step.

How to upload a certificate within an assessment?

  1. Within the respective assessment, click on the question that requires you to upload a certain certificate.
  2. Click on the certificate name below 'Answers'.
  3. You may have uploaded the certificate prior to the assessment, then select it from the dropdown menu. Otherwise, create a new one by clicking on 'Create a new one'.
  4. A new window for the certificate request will pop up. Click on the 'Continue' button in the first step 'Select Standard'.
  5. You can now attach the certificate file by either pulling it into the field or by browsing through your computer database. Please be aware: that the maximum size of the file is 100MB.
  6. Click on the 'Continue' button.
  7. The last step is to input the certification details. Fill out all applicable fields that you can retrieve from the certificate, including the document and license numberissue and expiration date, and details of the issuing body (e.g. Control Union, Intertek, TÜV, Elevate, etc.).

❗In case, you would like to upload a product certificate, you will have the option to link the respective products with the certificate.  However, this is not mandatory and can also be done at a later point in time!

8.   Click on the 'Request' button for us to review it for approval. We do this manually to ensure        information is correct and meets the requirements for it to be shown to end consumers.

Once approved, all your network certificates will be visible under the 'Certifications' tab in the navigation bar, while your own company certificates can also be viewed in your company profile under the "Certifications" tab.

💡Would like to upload a certificate outside of an assessment? No problem, click on this article to find out how, and on this one if you would like to renew an expired certificate!