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Supported browsers

What are the supported browsers of the retraced web platform?

We cannot always support all browsers. It is simple as time is scarce and also not really necessary to support historic ones. Especially all newer browsers drive self-updates to stay latest. Now, taking a snapshot in time and supporting from then onwards is not viable, as this would mean every day there would be more versions to be needed to be supported - as presumingly newer versions should be always supported. Besides all this, if we were to support all old browsers, the code size to ship to the client is massive, as there are hundreds of possible fallback support conditions to be shipped in addition.

Thus, the solution is a concept of rolling versions given by a globally adapted technology called browserslist. This lets us define a template of rolling versions. All our code base takes the same into account when being distributed.

The following browser are knowingly for us not working (i.e. the dashboard does not work entirely on those):

  • 360 Extreme Browser
  • Brave as it is blocking certain policies included in URLs

Find the current supported list of browsers in the view of browserslist here.