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Supplier network sharing

Request access to your suppliers' networks and drive collaboration by sharing your own network with your partners

It's finally here...

The times of requesting information on your upstream suppliers via email and phone is over - from now on, users can directly request & share supplier networks to explore their supply chains via retraced.

Explore your supply chain

Request network access

Simply head over to your supplier network overview and click on the company whose supplier information you would like to have access to. Maneuver to the new "Network" tab and click on "Request" to inform your supplier of your request. The supplier will be notified and can chose which of their suppliers they would like to share with you.

Connect to shared companies

You will be notified, whenever access to new supplier profiles has been granted. The network tab will give you an overview of all the companies the supplier has shared with you. If you want to add them to your own network, simply click on "Connect as supplier".

Shared suppliers overview

For a complete view of all shared companies, head to the supplier network overview and click on the new "Shared suppliers" tab. This table also allows you to connect to these companies to add them to your own supplier network.

Share your network

Respond to a sharing request 

We will notify you, whenever a company has requested access to your supplier network. To respond to such a request, simply click on the respond button in your tasks overview.