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Supplier assessment: brand perspective

Manage your brand's and suppliers' compliance all in one place! This feature is an opportunity for you to send specific questions or requests to your supplier companies directly through the platform.

Create a supplier assessment and invite your suppliers

  1. Start by going to the ‘Assessments’ tab in the navigation bar.
  2. Click on the + symbol to create a new assessment.

3. Give your assessment a name, and click on ‘Create’.

4. You can select from a variety of template questions that the retraced team has provided for you, or write up your own by clicking on Custom. Here you can choose the type of question and set the relative fields 🚀

💡When creating custom questions, you can determine the answer type: file upload, multiple choice, yes/no, number input, etc.

Inside the questions you can also set up document management and certification dependencies so that the assessed company can upload their documents/certifications. See below how it looks like when a company is replying to such a question:

5. Feel free to save your assessment and come back to edit it later by clicking on ‘Save & View’.

6. When the questions have been created and/or selected and your assessment is ready, you can share it with selected companies in your network. Using the + symbol, add and invite all the companies you would like to fill out your assessment.

❗Once a company has been invited to answer an assessment, it will be locked and cannot be further edited. Thus, please double-check that you’re happy with it before inviting companies!

7. After selecting the companies you’d like to assess, click on ‘Save’ to invite them. They will receive an email notification to complete your assessment on the platform.

8. That's it! Your assessment has been created and successfully shared. 🚀

Review assessment responses 

You can see the progress of the individual companies, as well as the total progress of all invited companies in the respective assessment. Here's how:

1. Go to the ‘Assessments’ tab in the navigation bar.

2. Click on the assessment you’d like to review.


👉When answers are submitted by your suppliers, they will be shown in yellow on the progress bar while in review, and you can choose to approve or deny their answers.

3. To approve or deny the responses, simply click on the company name in the assessment overview and review each question. If an answer is denied, this gives the assessed company the opportunity to edit or update their answer. There is also the possibility to clarify on the answers in the comments section 💬

So let's start assessing! 📝

Do you have any questions or feedback on the feature? Pop up the chat and let us know!