Shop widget placement guide

Our widget is best placed in first sight for the consumer. Our reason is simple: consumers engage with it a lot.

And we have proven it over several shops and several locations. Further, we conducted an A/B test to determine the engagement rate and the impact on buying behaviour. Let us show you the common locations for the widget.

The Scrolling Eye Catcher

If your store has a sidebar scrolling while a user goes along the page, you can place the widget in there. The benefit is that users typically do not have to scroll below a lot of content or images to see the widget. Further, recurring visitors are often seeking for products with specific badges.

Outside of Tabs or Accordions

If you use accordions or tabs to provide content without having forcing the user to scroll, we recommend not placing it inside one of those. One reason is that content in those tabs or accordions is loaded during the initial load of the page. If that happens, we also have to already get information of the widget, which adds towards your impression count. However, the widget was not really visible to your consumer yet.

The Collector

If you have multiple badges, you'd likely want to show them all at first glance to the customer. In that case, usually the place just below the product images is a good one. It's high enough to be seen immediately, yet often provides 60% or more width of the page, since it takes the same width as the product images container.