Shop components speed

Good to know

  • We use CloudFlare CDN to distribute files, resulting in highest possible networking speed worldwide

  • We load everything only after the page has been fully loaded for the client

  • By utilizing caching perfectly, we have basically no reload time after the first page visit


Our components will be loaded in two steps. First, we load a micro-bundle upfront, and only then determine if anything else must be loaded.

The first file is distributed via CloudFlare CDN, being accessible worldwide on high speed.

Once the micro-bundle is loaded, we determine after full page load, which components are relevant to be shown in your store and load only the bare minimum amount of files to show them.

This will result in a minor delay for the first page view for your customer as we load it delayed, but has only benefits for you:

No delay on your actual product page by any millisecond nor size

Whichever component was shown, it will be cached on the customer browser till the session has finished. Thus, there will never be a second load of any major file during the whole session of the customer. 👏