Shop components size

Good to know

  • We load the elements after the page has been fully delivered to your client. Thus, we never slow down page speed by any millisecond for your clients.

  • We only transmit the absolute bare minimum of necessary information and only fetch the absolute minimum, resulting in highest speed and lowest networking traffic for clients.


Our shop components are bundled with the highest compression possible. We remove any unnecessary comments, CSS styling, JavaScript code, HTML and anything else.

The only element which is constantly updated and reloaded on each page is the micro shop-component loader below:


Final size gzipped


4 KB

Only the constant reload gives us the option to ensure the client has the latest state and no downtime ever.

The files are transmitted gzipped and are ultra light and ultra fast. 🚀

All extra files are loaded only if absolutely necessary and only after the page has been fully loaded already. Thus, there will never be any impact on the speed of your site. If one of the component files are loaded, it will bundle everything in there, including CSS, HTML and code, but in just one file. Further, once loaded, the file will never be reloaded until your shop customer finishes their current session. So, besides being fast anyways, the second page load will be ever more blazing fast.

Please find below the details about one of the latest snapshots of sizes of our components.




54 KB


65 KB


67 KB


52 KB


53 KB