Shop components debugging

When you have followed the code snippet for your respective website type (Shopify, WooCommerce or custom) and you can still not see a retraced component, this will help you to debug the root cause.


Before troubleshooting the technical side of components please check the following

1. That you have at least one product active, with an SKU matching the product's SKU on your web shop / backoffice

2. That the product has a supply chain attached

3. That the story is enabled on that specific product

If all the above are met, you should be able to at least see the supply chain transparency badge.

🗺️Do you need an introduction to our badge system? Check out our guide

Still having issues? 

We have collected the most often issues while setting up the retraced widget. Let us walk you through them.

No retraced header included

This is the first thing to check.

Here, the shop components are not loaded properly:

In this excerpt the retraced header, aka shop-components are loaded properly:

No component placed in DOM

To see that the component is properly placed in the DOM (the HTML file shipped to the client), you can open in Chrome the debugger via F12. Then switch to networks tab and reload the product page. Ensure you have placed the retraced-cards into the DOM and you can simply search for them in the network inspector.

This is an example page where we cannot find the cards:

This example shows a webshop where the cards component is loaded properly:


Kindly send us your shop URLs upfront to be whitelisted and thus able to retrieve a product story.

You can check if you are unauthorized by seeing if the product story retrieve call is failing with a status code of 401:

If the calls cards?sku=XYZ succeeds with 200 status code, your shop is whitelisted.

SKU not existing in retraced dashboard

In order to ensure that the product actually can be matched to an SKU in our system, please follow the network call below. It will return isSKUMatched valued false if we cannot match the SKU in your store to one in your retraced account.

🔔Our widget will also let you know if your product is archived or the story is disabled by returning productArchived valued true or isProductNotFoundOrStoryDisabled valued true

The SKU we request from your store is shown in the headers tab on the very bottom.

See here the SKU transmitted to our system URI encoded (meaning special characters are escaped):

Still facing issues?

Please make sure your setup is compliant with our help articles

🔗Shopify installation guide
🔗Custom installation guide

Still no luck?

You can now contact our support team and we will be happy to help you out!