Set up and edit profiles

A step-by-step guide to begin filling in company profiles on the retraced platform

Before starting to fill out your profile, there are 3 important icons you should know when navigating the retraced platform. Check them out in this article

To access your company profile, click on the drop down button in the top right corner, then on your company name. 

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1. Global Information

Include general information about your company: display name, description, facility processes, address, production capacity, employee structure, pictures, videos, etc. After changes has been made, please do not forget to click the 'Save & Back' button at the bottom of this page.

However, changing the country of your company must be requested via the '?' icon. 

💡 Note: For your company logo to display optimally, we recommend an image size of 512x512 pixels.

2. Certifications

Upload all of the certifications awarded to your company, and keep them up-to-date by inputting their issue and expiry date to get notified in advance when they are running out. 

To make sure that you request the correct certificate, please have a look at this helpful article.

3. Documents

Manage an overview of all your relevant documents in one place - whether it be code of conducts, environmental policies, sustainability handbooks, or otherwise. And don’t worry, you can decide whether to keep these private, share them with specific suppliers, or make them public to your network.

4. Audits

Oversee and manage all of your audits, and decide the sharing permissions here. 

5. Employees

Share the love! In this tab, you can invite an unlimited number of people in your company to also access your profile and the retraced platform. Say goodbye to waiting on a reply from a co-worker when needing a specific document - simply login and access it all here.

6. Environmental data

If known (and desired), feel free to add environmental data about your company in this tab, including information about your energy sources and consumption, GHG/carbon emissions, water usage and management, and waste such as material cut off percentage. 

Note: when filling out your profile (or those of your suppliers), there is no need to do so all at once! Feel free to save and come back to it anytime.