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Create products in bulk: the Product Import Wizard

Conveniently create, upload and update products in bulk using the retraced Import Wizard.

Are you ready to experience the magic?

Creating and updating products are notably tedious tasks if you do it one by one. But we have great news! With our import wizard you can export your product data from any system and upload it without the hassle of preparing the file to fit a certain template format! Start in your product overview via the 'Products' tab and click on the '+' button to begin the process.

💡Although the wizard is convenient for creating and updating products in bulk, you also have the option to create a product manually. To do so, click on this article.

❗For our partners using Shopify, you can create and update your products on our platform in bulk by uploading your Shopify Products CSV Export file. Please note that some information might be lost when the file is saved in the comma-delimited (.csv) format. To preserve this data, save the file in an Excel format (.xls or .xlsx). 

How to use the product import wizard?

Step 1 - Choose the material composition structure

Before uploading, you need to select the structure of the material composition in your product export file. You can choose between none (for no material composition information), row separation (material composition is shown in rows), column separation (material composition is shown in columns.

Step 2 - File Upload

Export your product data from any database (e.g. PLM, ERP, Shopify etc.) and simply drop it into our import wizard or browse for it by clicking on the 'Import Product Data' button.

You may use the retraced product sheet as a guidance.

Step 3 - Header Selection

Here, you have the option to confirm and select the header of this sheet. In general, you can just move on by clicking on the 'Continue' button.

Step 4 - Column Matching

Our wizard will magically map your columns with the corresponding retraced fields (sometimes it requires a little bit of help on your side). Once the mapping is done, click on the 'Confirm' button.

❗Product Code is a required column for a successful upload. Please ensure your file includes this field as a column!

It is not necessary to have complete data for product level and product type, you can select from our dropdowns during the import process.

Step 5 - Data Cleaning 

If the wizard senses errors in the data, it will highlight those for you, so that you can easily clean your data before completing the import. To do, slide the toggle for 'Show all rows with errors' to the right to only see the respective rows. You will also be able to select from our dropdowns, in case of fields with predefined options (e.g. materials, country of origin, product type etc.). To continue, click on the 'Complete Import' button.

Step 6 - Complete Import

To finish the import, click on the 'Submit' button. That's it - congratulations, you've just saved yourself lots of valuable time and can get started to work with your data on our platform.

Some important FAQs:

1. Can I pause the import process?

Yes, at any given stage you will always have the option to export the current status quo as to continue the process at a later point in time:

2. Will I overwrite existing information?

If you are uploading data for an existing product, our wizard will update the information based on your import file.

3. Can I upload products from multiple product levels (e.g. Apparel, Accessories & Jewelry)?

Sure! Just select the correct product level, the rest will be done by our wizard.

4. The export from my webshop/PLM/ERP system doesn't include some of the required columns (Product ID, Product Level, Product Type) for the bulk upload. What do I do?

No problem! Just add the missing columns in your file before uploading (e.g. if a Product ID column exists but not Product Level and Product Type, create these two blank columns in your CSV or Excel file) and you can do the correct matching in the Wizard's 'Match Columns' stage.

5. Do you have an import template for orientation?

When you start the import process, you have the option to download our template in the upper right corner of the screen:

6. How do I scroll horizontally?

The wizard has an included scrolling bar in the bottom part of the screen. This is sometimes overlooked, which is why we want to mention it here:

7. Is there a quick way to find the cells that have errors?

Yes, you can actually jump directly on an error by click the "Find error" button: