Overlay layering problem

If you see the following artifacts, this article might be able to help you:

How to fix this?

The root cause is a wrong z-index of our overlay compared to other elements on the website. The overlay itself will layer it correctly into the z-index, but as our components like <retraced-cards/> are placed within other elements of your webshop, they must get the correct layering as otherwise you will get above visual problems.

First, you have to find the exact element which causes the layering problem. This is different from webshop to webshop and is not a problem of the retraced overlay. Here are typical stylings which can break layering:

These two are the most common pitfalls.

But other plugins work out of the box!

Our components are built with latest web technologies, which are indeed not 100% bullet proof. However, they are bullet proof in the sense of attacking protection mechanisms. Our components are not slowing down your page speed as they run independently, and they cannot be blocked or modified by other parts of the page breaking. For example, you run another JavaScript which is broken, our components will still be visible as our code is executed with highest standards in sand-boxed style.

All the other plugins out there which work out of the box are delaying your page speed usually by 150ms or more because they are modifying your original page on loading. Whereas we are expanding on parallel load.

Still have the problem?

If the problem with the placement persists, do reach out to us. We can surely help you to figure out the styling problem.