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The retraced effect: Benefits for suppliers

TLDR: the sooner, the better!

By all means, you can create, connect, and manage all your supplier profiles on the platform yourself. However, we highly recommend inviting and onboarding your suppliers to not only save yourself time and effort, but to really experience the added value and network effect that retraced can offer. 🌐

We understand that suppliers juggle requests from all their different clients around the world and have plenty of tasks to complete on a daily basis. We don’t want to add unnecessary stress to their day-to-day activities - our mission is quite the opposite!

The following are some benefits that suppliers can appreciate from the retraced effect, which you’re welcome to share with them:

Save valuable time and resources

The more of their clients that are on our platform, the more streamlined communication is between business partners, through effective document exchange per requests.

👉 For example: if they are renewing an expired certification, they simply need to upload it to the platform once, and all of their connected brands (including yourself!) will be able to access it. No more need for countless emails.

Positioning as sustainability leaders

Joining the retraced platform shows affinity for digitalisation and innovation, which is undoubtedly appreciated by their clients. The demonstration of openness to transparency is something that more and more brands are taking into consideration when looking for business partners, thus suppliers are able to not only underline their sustainability efforts but also prove it, and therefore attract new clients.

Create a competitive advantage

Having control over their own profile on the retraced platform allows them to also use this as a marketing advantage and increase company exposure 🌟 they can highlight and showcase their relevant sustainability efforts, as well as create additional value for their products and along the entire supply chain.

And more!

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