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Custom information fields

Create customisable fields for your suppliers and companies in your network to your needs and populate them with your system's information.

What are custom information fields? 

Think of custom information fields as your extended information of the companies on your network. You would usually collect them on your system of choice (ERP, PLM, private records). 

A great example is custom identifiers of the system you are working on - if you are using an ERP or PLM, each supplier would be assigned a unique identification number.

The custom information field builder in retraced is offering you the possibility to create customisable fields of your choice. It is located in your company profile:

These customisable fields are then shown on the company profiles of your network under the Custom Information tab - and you can fill them out for the individual suppliers.


We are currently supporting the creation of the following types:

Custom identifier - Allows you to create up to 3 custom identifiers
Multiple checkboxes - Allows you to create a list
Multiple choice - Allows one choice from a selection
Short text
Long text

Select option - Allows customisable options and predefined options from retraced
Assign your coworker - Allows you to pick from one employee of your own company
Number with Dynamic Currency selector
- Allows for a number and a currency of your choice
Number with Dynamic UOM - Allows for a number and a unit of measure of your choice
Number with UOM - Allows for a number with a fixed unit of measure

Custom Identifiers and API

Custom Identifier types are special, since they require an extra field to be filled out on creation, named API field identifier. This field allows us from retraced to map the custom identifier and allow you to (coming soon!) access specific information via our API based on this API field identifier.

You can populate the API field identifier whenever you need it for a possible integration along the way.
A few restrictions apply:

⚠️Custom identifiers will be unique throughout your data

👁️‍🗨️You can create a custom identifier that has the same API field identifier with a common custom identifier of retraced. In that case, our API will always prioritise your custom identifier.

Common retraced fields

As retraced, we have taken the liberty to create common fields that should cover some basic needs, and provide them by default. It is important to note, that these fields will be later on integrated to the rest of our features - such as risk analysis, or supplier assessments.

⚠️You cannot modify or delete the common fields - they're shown as locked on your builder.

If you don't want to use the common fields, simply toggle them off on the right side of the page.

Happy customising! 🎨