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How does the auditor access work?

Learn how you can enable your auditors to audit your company easy and efficiently through retraced.

Applies To:

  • Suppliers
  • External Auditor


You are collecting and managing all your compliance and sustainability data. With our auditor access, we enable you to show your progress to your auditors directly. No export is necessary, you can directly grant them read-only access to your company profile to view and assess your work on compliance and sustainability.

How do I grant access to my auditors?

1. Head to your company profile and select the Auditors tab at the end.

2. Through the + icon you can then select an auditory body from the list. You can revoke access to any of the auditors at any time by selecting the auditing company and clicking the remove icon.

And that is it!

What does the auditor see once you granted them access?

  • Your company profile 
  • Your view of the risk analysis 
  • Every company in your supplier network
  • Their Global Information
  • Their environmental data
  • Their certificates
  • Audits that they either shared with you or you uploaded to their profile
  • Documents that they either shared with you or you uploaded to their profile
  • Their risk profiles including your manual mitigations 

How does retraced look for the auditors? 

If you are an auditory body having an account in our system, you can only view certain data of companies that have chosen to share them with you.

Start by selecting the company you wish to audit from the dropdown.

By selecting the company, you get into the auditor and see it in "audit mode": You are viewing data from that company under the lens of an auditor.


If you wish to end the audit, simply click on the upper right menu and select 'End Audit'

🤔 You do not see the auditorial body you wish to connect to. Either contact our support or you can also contact the auditorial body with the request to join retraced!