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How do I request the correct certificate?

Certificates have various scopes and work for different things. We lead you through this complexity with our step by step certificate request flow combined with a handy requirement validator.

What certificate types do we have in the system and which level do they work on?

There are 4 certificate types with the following level: 

  • Memberships - company level
    Examples: Fair Wear, Bluesign System Partner, Leather Working Group, Better Cotton Initiative 
  • Company Certificates -  company level
    Examples: SA8000, ISO 5001, B Corporation, STeP by Oeko-Tex 
  • Scope Certificates - company level
    Examples: GOTS, GRS, RCS, Fairtrade Textile Standard, Cotton made in Africa
  • Transaction Certificates - product level
    Examples: GOTS, GRS, RCS, Fairtrade Textile Standard, Cotton made in Africa
    Note: To each Scope Certificate there is a Transaction Certificate in our system. We split those certificates as we wanted to simplify scope certificates. The scope certificates works on company level and certifies that a company produces according to the standards requirement. The Transaction Certificate works on product level and certifies that the according product(s) and/or component(s) linked in the request meet the standards requirements
  • Product Certificates - product level
    Examples: Oeko-Tex 100, Blue Angel, Grüner Knopf, Leather Standard by Oeko-Tex

How do I know which certificate type to request?

Don't worry, we got your back! You don't need to choose the certificate type when requesting, you just need to select the standard. During the selection you'll see right away on which level they work as we sorted them accordingly. 

How do I know that I fulfil the standards requirements of the certificate I want to request?

We will inform you right away if you fulfil the standards requirements or not with our validator. However, we will not prevent you from creating and requesting a certificate for your company or one of your suppliers if you don't fulfil the according requirements. We will show you the status with the tags "valid" or "invalid" on the certificate page. For invalid certificate request our amazing customer excellence team will review it and might give you handy tips on how to fulfil a standard requirement.