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Find, add or unlink companies and suppliers to/from your network

To build your supplier network, you need to connect with their profiles (similar to that of a social media network!). Here's how:

It’s possible that the companies you’re working with and that you’d like to add to your network already exist on our platform, so the first step is to search for them. 🔎

You can do so under the ‘Companies’ tab in the navigation bar, and clicking the + button.

❗ Please make sure you’re searching for the full official company name first, and then try out an acronym or abbreviation. 

After entering the company name (and country and facility process), click on 'Search' to identify if the profile already exists on the platform. 

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There may be several pages of potential matches with your search. If found in the list, hover over 'Connect' and define whether the company is your client or your supplier. A pop-up will then appear to confirm the connection - click once more on 'Connect', and if successful a green message box will appear with the message 'Company has been linked'. 

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If you would like to unlink from the company, simply click 'Supplier' or 'Client' depending which connection type you have chosen, and select 'Remove link' and confirm with 'Unlink'. Another way to unlink from a company is by selecting the company under the 'Companies' tab, and click 'unlink' in the right top corner in the company header box. 


Searched company didn't appear?

If the company doesn’t exist yet, please scroll down below the list of existing companies and click on 'Couldn't find the company you're looking for?' to create a new company profile for them. 

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Please ensure you have input the exact official name, as well as their facility processes (as many as apply) and the country they're located in. Then, select whether they are a supplier or client of yours, click on ‘Create’, and watch your network grow! 👥