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Customization with our new responsive tables

Work on any device and build custom views catered to your individual needs

Ready to customize your retraced experience?

Fully personalized filtering with a multi-filter function

You can now quickly apply multiple filters at once. Simply select the columns you want to filter for and follow the steps highlighted in the video. 

Once you have found your preferred filter settings, you can save those by clicking on "Save filter". This way, once you return to this table you can directly continue working without having to re-apply all filters.

With the "Reset" button you can cancel all active filters to return to the default view.   


Re-arrange and hide columns

Next to the filter option on the top right, you will find our new "Settings" button. Here you can not only re-arrange the order of your columns specifically to your liking but also hide the ones you don't need. 

To re-arrange the order of your columns, simply click and drag the selected column up or down. To change the visibility, just click on the eye icon next to the column name. If you want to save your settings as your preferred view, simply click on the "Save" button.  

And similar to our filter, the "Reset" button allows you to cancel all applied settings and return to the default view.

Responsive design and resizable columns

And for those of you, who enjoy the flexibility of being able to work from everywhere on different devices, we have made our tables fully responsive.
This means that you will now be able to access retraced on your tablets or smaller laptops (hey even on your smartphone, if your eyes allow it) and can manage your data on the go - all tables with the new design will automatically adjust to fit every screen size.
As a cherry on top, you can even improve your overview by adjusting the column width to your liking!


1. Which tables already have the new functionalities?

We are planning to continuously roll this out to all tables on our platform. We already offer the new functionalities in the following areas:

  • Supplier Network

  • Products

  • Components

  • Documents

  • Certificates

  • Audits  

Do you have other questions or need support with anything? Feel free to reach out to our customer success team via our helpdesk!