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Create products one-by-one

Learn how to create and update a (new) product manually.

How to create a product?

  1. Click on the 'Products' tab in the left navigation bar.
  2. The default page shows two options to create new products. Choose the first option and insert the product name in the respective field.
  3. Choose the product level from the dropdown-menu.
  4. Choose the product type from the dropdown-menu.
  5. Then click on the '+ Create product' button.
  6. Subsequently, you can add further product specific information such as product description, product weight, material composition, bill of materials, and even connect it with the respective supply chain via the 'pencil' icon! Don't forget to click the 'Save & Return' button.

💡In case, you are missing a certain product type in the platform, please inform us by filling out this form.