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CO2 management

To internally track and understand your current CO2 footprint, as well as ideally reducing and offsetting it to become CO2 neutral, retraced is here to help you.

We can predominantly support you in primary data collection, as we are not LCA specialists. We can help you collect this necessary information, and would share this with specialists like our partners ConClimate and ClimatePartner, subject to additional costs. Contact us if you'd like to find out more. 

What does this entail?

  • Collection of primary data on a supplier level

👉 We use ecoinvent, a consistent and transparent life cycle inventory database that supports environmental assessments of products and processes worldwide, when no primary data is available.

  • CO2 supply chain comparisons
  • Hotspot analysis —> identifying problems and suggesting mitigations and solutions
  • Forecasting

How does the magic happen?

We collect the raw data from your supply chains, exchange it with partners, get the calculations, and visualise it, which will help you both comply with legal standards as well as communicate your efforts externally.

The collection and storage of this data is under the ‘Environmental data’ tab of each respective company profile, where you can input various information:

  • Energy Management System
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Water Management System
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Waste (reduction programs, material cut off %, etc.)

What about at the product-level?

To assess CO2 emissions and water consumption on a product-level, go to the desired product’s page and click on the ‘Eco footprint’ tab.

Kindly provide some essential product information including the raw material types and origins in order to ensure the data displayed is as accurate as possible.